Our factory was borne during 1964 May in Brugherio ,a village in the north east of Milano Italy, where always is; it started as a builder of little AC electric motors. The types of this product are increased along the time, coming better end better in quality and type of service also creating or designing new type on request. During the half of  ’80, thanks  to the good result had during this time, we bought a factory of little  coaxial gearboxes to increase our introduction in the automation business During the first 10 years we  developed that products , after to have seen the good success in that business. Thanks to the good quality together a good price, we decided to increase the investment in that way. Where we arrive you can see in the next page about the standard product, in the mean time you can contact our technical and commercial office for every kind of information or explanation regarding product build on your request.
For further informations please contact our technical department
We reserved us the possibility to change in every time dimensions and characteristics.